Doner Cutting Robot 50 KG
Automatic Doner Cutting Robot 50 KG

Automatic Doner Cutting Robot 50 KG

Maximum Doner Weight:50 kg
Number of Radians:4
Dimensions:(WxDxH) 78x91x125cm
Inox Robot

Product Features

  • » It can perform hygienic, precise and continuous cutting 24 hours a day without human contact.
  • » It can be checked 24/7.
  • » It has an adjustable loop while cutting.
  • » It can be easily cleaned thanks to detachable blades and modules.
  • » It offers wide cutting opportunities.
  • » It prevents accidents with its emergency stop button.
  • » It offers wide mobility.
  • » Adjustable angle.
  • » It preserves the temperature of the meat.
  • » It has 304 quality food-grade, long-lasting material quality.
  • » It offers 100% safety and low energy consumption.
  • » It reduces your labor costs.
  • » It can be used more easily with the advantage of a moving screen.

Benefits Provided

  • » Doner robots can cook much faster than manually turned doner kebabs.
  • » Doner robots help businesses reduce personnel costs. These devices can cut large quantities of doner kebabs alone, so businesses can produce more with fewer personnel.
  • » Doner robots can precisely control the cooking time and temperature of the meat. In this way, they make the doner kebab tastier and softer.
  • » Doner robots ensure that meat is cooked under hygienic conditions. In this way, businesses can meet hygiene standards more easily.
  • » Doner robots have the ability to adjust different cooking times and temperatures. In this way, businesses can provide more flexibility in doner production.
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