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About us

Doner Asist

Döner Asist
Europe's Inox Robot Brand

Döner Asist is the brand-new representative of the Inox Robot brand in Europe. Our company specializes in the production of doner robots, stainless steel food, and kitchen equipment, holding a leading position in the industry with high-quality products.

About Us

At Döner Asist, our goal is to provide customers with high-performance, sustainable, and flawless doner robot production, along with stainless industrial products and complementary kitchen equipment. Customer satisfaction is the heart and soul of our business. By adopting a personalized approach for each customer, we listen to their needs and offer the best solutions.

Quality Standards

Our doner robots are manufactured in compliance with high-quality standards and undergo meticulous quality control procedures at every stage. With their hygienic designs, our doner robots can be safely used in the food industry. Our technical team and engineers, with creative ideas and strong production capacity, maintain our leadership in the industry and strive for continuous improvement.

Customer Relations

At Döner Asist, we work closely with our customers, understanding their needs and providing the most suitable solutions. Our doner robots are used in various sectors, from restaurants to food production facilities and food factories, enabling faster, more efficient, and hygienic production.


As Döner Asist, we take pride in carrying the quality and reliability of the Inox Robot brand to Europe. We are here to grow and succeed together with our valued customers.

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